Este Vato Testo

Testo Este Vato

[Geno V]
I was crusin the varrio just left my canton
It was me, my ruka and my friend Ramone
I was lookin for a dealer to deal me some coke
Stuff runnin dry, need to get high que pa I was broke
So I took out my cuete to a vato at the store
Dame your deniero now hit the floor
Wit the money in my pocket, me fe I split the scene
Back to the varrio to see the dope fiend
I said Oy es camara can you help me out
He said "sure ese, jus let me see your clout
Cause I'm the dope fiend, I'm what its all about"
So I took out my plata thats cash cut in slang
Poquita cociania just enough to get a bang
Insertin la bruja I was goin to town
10 minutes later I was comin down
No dope to be found man
Come to realize I was a dope fiend's clown
Stealin your deniero I was stealin people's cars
Then I lost my freedom behind the jail bars
Ya page todo mi teimpo yeah I served my time
Back to the varrio it was dope fiend time

[Geno V]
My connection jus got busted al bote se lo varone
A un vato nuevo en el cito que a jaro
So I searched for this vato yeah this loco now in charged
So I was cruisin down the varrio, down the boulavard
I saw this loco standin yeah pa yado en la escina
Le pregunte a loco se endia cocina y mi dijo
"El dope fiend ya se fue, cause I jus took his place
Cause my supplin ya se cava and ya don't have to pay"
Say what I don't have to pay man yo how can this be
So I say como se llama and he said "its called JC"
He said "I got the high, that you've been lookin for
His name is Jesus Christ, and you don't have to look no more"
Man my corazon was poundin, my body really shook
A dentro de tu bolsa, where he pulled a little book
That aint no drogas man yo whats this all about
Its called John 3:16, check this vato out
For God so loved the world, He gave His only ijo
If you believe in Him, you will not perish but lo que dijo
He'll give you love and peace y esto no es miendas
Porque lo dijo Dios, its called eternal vida
For me, "you can make it"
Ese Ima junkie, "He'll erase it"

[Geno V]
So I put down my cabesa as I started to resad
Called on Jesus Christ, mi pecados perdona
Bueno Jesus Christ, es que saves que
Quiero cambia mi vida porque la onda se me fue
I used to chase mujeres even though I was casado
Robando liquor stores, and some one elses carro
I was always hurtin people wit malas antenciones
Every single word would come out to maldeciones
Never went to church on Sundays, I was just a vato's loco
Excuses not to go man, I was just a mentidoso
Mi corazon temblando un marijuano soy
Te amo a Jesus Christ en mi vida hoy de doy
Orando like a baby I was high on nalagreas
Cause his supplin no se cavas
It keeps goin cada dia
Ya mi vida ya cambio a Cristo a cono ser
Mendiedoso es el dyablo y no tienne ya poder
So all you vatos loco thinkin you're so really bad
Get high on Jesus Christ, cause yo man He's the best I ever had
So if you're from San Antonio, Miami, San Jose
Chicago, Corpose Cristi, or down in East LA
No le a te donde vengas all for Jesus that is my rhyme
Porque Cristo viene pronto but you're runnin out of time
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