Bring Down The Club Testo

Testo Bring Down The Club

We got the beat
everybody rise, everybody get your hands up. we're bringin' you the sound... we're bringing you the crowed.
everybody in the club, get your hands up, make it hot, make it wet, get some sweat up on that gucci dress.
show stoppin', ass poppin', if you want a head droppin', if you like the sound from hollywood, watch out. uh oh, there goes the neighborhood!
count down 3 to 1, that's the sound of your world come undone. so bring it all night to the crack of day. hold up, here comes an earthquake!
fuck what you thought was fabulous... fuck what you thought was jabulous... and if you think you can handle this, oh no you can't. think again... sit back daddy, with a cup of gin. tell me bitch, do you get the hint? your about to break and i'm about to take. you got the beat, and i got the bass!
we got the beat

(chorus) we got the beat for ya, we got the sound. dj turn that music up...make it loud... we got the beat for ya. show some love. get your fuckin' hands up... bring down, bring down the club.
i want disco balls, glow sticks, strobe lights... sweat drippin'... heads trippin'.
raver chicks, scene boyz, let me see ya bring the noise... sip my drink, turn me out, bring out the freak in me. (repeat) lemme hear a symphony!
we got the beat
listin up everyone... this is not a drill...this is reality.
listin up everyone... we have reached our climax.
rise up with the sound, shake the ground, drop it down... let this beat inside yo head... rise up with the sound, shake the ground, drop it down. mr. dj turn up the heat and bring... a phat ass beat. (repeat)

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