DrugsFaggotsHollywood Testo

Testo DrugsFaggotsHollywood

Dip my face in the Hypnotic,
Throw me on the floor,
Suck it... shoot me up,
Treat me like a whore
We are,
all fuckin' stars now,
in this fuckin' coke show
and I really wanna know,
what makes you wanna go
So let me get you drunk like you already are,
so I can so you what its like to be a superstar!

(Pre chorus)
Drugs, hella good
Faggots, up in the hood
Late nights, Hollywood
This shit will fuck you up

I really wanna know
What makes you wanna go
I really wanna know what makes you crazy, crazy
I really wanna know, what makes you supa fly,
So wont you shut me up and put that shit on over drive

Hey bitch, Your make ups drippin off your face, o wait, thats the acid fryen my brain,
and I cant explain
Extacy, Extacy, It makes me feel so sexy
I've gotta get my freak on
before this high is gone
mr.dj, mr. Dj, can I get a little bj
with a phat ass 8ball on my side
Hey Lindsay, let's escape from rehab tonight!

(Pre chorus)

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