Fuckin' The Dog Testo

Testo Fuckin' The Dog

Everybody's got something to do
I've got nothing but this empty room
Everybody's got some kind of job
Everybody's got someone to love
Not me, I'm fucking the dog

Everybody's got somewhere to go
I've got nothing but this dirty hole
Everybody's going out tonight
I'm staying here and out of sight
Yea, fucking the dog

I'm living in darkness every day
I'm the devil's son some people say
I'm so far gone I can't be saved
I'm just living day to day
Yea, that's right, fucking the dog

C'mon, fucking the dog
That's right, I'm fucking the dog
You're never done 'till you do it like I said
You've got no one to love, I'm just fucking the dog
Fuck, fuck, fucking the dog
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