Young Little Meat Testo

Testo Young Little Meat

Young little meat

When I'm down on the street
I'm lookin' at their young little meat
She might be five - she might be ten
I'll take her home and slip it in

Young little piece of meat
You're the youngest you see
I don't fuckin' care
If you ain't got no cunt hair

You're young little meat

Young little meat
Hangin' out on Elm Street
You think you're fuckin' sweet
But you are a piece of meat

Young little meat
You're young little meat

You might be four - you might be sweet
You might be five - you might be ten
I take it out and slip it in

Young little meat
Young little meat
Young little meat

You're always teasin' me
And when I'm done you will bleed
I'll put you down to the ground
And you'll cry
You wish you never were around

Young little meat
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