Offence:Defence (Genesis XVI.12) Testo

Testo Offence:Defence (Genesis XVI.12)

Washed out, as the rivers star to flow
This was the best case scenario. For me. Coz you bleed my dry
Times change, now it's you that's left behind,
In the dark where I was your only light
When we were
Shot down in the blink of an eye.
You learnt to fall, I learnt to fly
There's nothing for you here.
Your life is all burned out
The brotherhood, the plagues you spread.
I'll hold my smiles 'till they're dead
Forget your last rights.
Because this all ends here
Too long. It took me to see the signs,
It seems, killing you was killing time,
And I'd say that's time well spent
Spineless is a term I'd wisely use,
Coz I have nothing left to prove to you,
Brother, I hope you drown
I'm done with you, you wretched king of the false

His hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him
Believe the hype, this is all you have
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