Omega Supreme Testo

Testo Omega Supreme

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Declare myself a false prophet, of our dying generation,
Take the sacrifice, coz there's nothing left to lose.
But what if I was wrong, what if things had been OK
This place, a waste land, once a city built of light.
Should I have been a careful dreamer, could I have been the cure for this
Would I have been the cure
I've never felt so alone, bound to this sinking ship
I'm still longing for those five words, I will take you home
You were all I ever wanted, you were always, the star that guides me home
It seems we lost this battle, I'd no intention of winning this war
I was always too scared, too scared to face the truth.
I swear I won't forget you father, I just regret never saying goodbye.
This is my goodbye
This place is falling apart, but I won't go down with this ship
Dear Catalysis please take my sight, my eyes can't guide me home tonight.
Worn apart by this machine, let her carry me into the light.
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