Ready Your Armour Testo

Testo Ready Your Armour

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

The hunt is on
And we've come to the conclusion
That it's all gone wrong
And we've made too many mistakes.
“Carry your wounded”,
That's what she said;
“I'll hold them off while you
Make your escape”.
Bleeding the false from these worn down frames
The price on their heads are their only claims to fame.
Stand your ground;
Ready your armour;
Take your place beside your brothers.


Look to the sky
To find out why
We've been lied to all this time.
Change the record
'Coz this song is getting old.
The cities fallen;
We're building bridges from the bodies
Of those we used to love.

Breakdown 1:

Battle won.
Tired and broken,
Beyond repair;
Hold high your standard.
Take your time,
Just rest your head.
Light the fires to remember the dead.
Carve your name into this wall,
And hope the press coverage settles our score


Breakdown 2:

Hold the line,

Or we die tonight.

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