The State Of New Mexico Vs The Spider King Testo

Testo The State Of New Mexico Vs The Spider King

We've tried, to break down this infection.
With everything we have, yet nothing seems to work
Hold close, what we need to keep these levels high.
So let's put this to bed, so we can nail this shut
Heads up, hands down,
It's hit or miss so hit the fucking ground
This took so long, but we did this all by ourselves
It's too late, there's no time.
But I'll fight on coz I refuse to let this die
They'll never break our hearts, coz we go down together
How many times can we afford, to let the engine run this low.
Dearly beloved. This could cost us all.
Tonight we are, facing the enigma that we might never get home.
We drowned from Clarents Pier, Is there no hope of rebuilding these bridges.
I have learnt from past mistakes, to question the answers they give you.
We're not too young to understand
Glass hearts have cracked under more pressure, then we're prepared to take.
We've shattered the hopes and dreams of angels. But it's not enough
To wake you from this sleep.
I hope you're dreaming of a better place than this...
We won't falter
We're only asking for what's ours. This is ours now
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