Madison Avenue Testo

Testo Madison Avenue

Pretty pictures in your favorite magazines
span the distance between you and Mr.s Clean
You can take part in the All-American dream,
just fill your house up with a million
product you don't need.

You don't ever have to use them.
Buying is all that's asked of you.
But if it's so Goddamn incredible
you can't believe it's true,
it's Madison Avenue.

Make it all commercial-
there ain't nothin' folks won't buy.
New fuel to fire up the monsters of Free Enterprise
Gizmos and gadgets, batteries to make them run.
Just give your check up at the first of every month.

And don't wake up to the uselessness
'till your whole life is overdue.
'Cause if it's so Goddamn incredible
you can't believe it's true
it's Madison Avenue.

They can sell sand to a man livin' in the desert.
They can sell tuna to the chicken of the sea...
You are surrounded and confounded and
dumbfounded by the happenings yes it's true,
it's Madison Avenue.
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