Duppy Conqueror Testo

Testo Duppy Conqueror

1) Yes, me friend, friend, me friend, me friend
Dem set me free again
Yes, me friend, me good friend, me friend, me friend
We deh 'pon street again

2) The bars could not hold me
Force could not control me
They try to keep me down
But God keep me around

3)Yes, I've been accused
Wrongly abused now, oh
But through the power of the Most High
They got to turn me loose

4) Don't try to call me out on the street now
I've got to reach Mount Zion, highest region
If you a bull-bucker, let me tell you that
I'm a duppy conqueror, conqueror

repeat 1
repeat 4
repeat 1

5) Don't try to shock
Don't make your friends them lock
For I will cut you down
And I will turn you right ,
I'm cryin' now

repeat 1
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