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Testo Love And Meditation

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1) Talk it here and I talk it there - everywhere
Jah Jah children are lifted on higher calling - calling
Never seen the righteous man be forsaken - forsaken
Neither does it see his seed beg you your bread - no no

2) I and I are separated from the heathen
We always meet in one meditation, hey
Lick we cup and I chant to Jah
Giving thanks and priases to the most high - most high
Jah guide, Jah bless and Jah keep up
No evil doers shall overcome us, no

3) Blessed is I who behold a man in his fullness - fullness
So daughters of Israel come gather around us - around us
Learn the truth and rights about the wisdom - wisdom
Which is love and meditation, yes
Love and meditation

repeat 3)
repeat 1)
repeat 1)

Scarica la suoneria di Love And Meditation!
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