Missing You Testo

Testo Missing You

(feat. Chaka Kahn)

Though I'm missing you (although I'm missing you). I find a way to go through
(I find a way), living without you, cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride
only God may know why, still I will get by.

Who would've known that you had to go. So suddenly, so fast. How could be, now the sweet
memories would be all, all we had to make.And

Now that you're gone everyday I go on (I go on) but life just not the same (life's just not that same)
I'm so empty inside and my tears I can't hide, though I try, I try to face the pain. Though I'm missing you.


[Gladys Knight:]
Oh, thats so many things that we could have shared, if time was on our side (times were on our side)
Oo yeah, and now that you're gone, I can still feel you near, (you near) but I'll smile with every tear I cry. Though I missing you.


How sweet were the losses to spare? But I'll wait for the day, when I'll see you again (see you again)

[Chorus: out]

I'm missing you
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