Don't Let Go Testo

Testo Don't Let Go

The forced smiles, The false handshakes
These conversations were held
with only one thing on my mind
(your phone calls, were missed on purpose).
and the talk behind your back was endless.
(our love for you was endless).

The cruel remarks were humorous at the time
Calling you crazy felt just fine

My sleeves are soaked, crying is not my thing
Trying to keep you breathing
After all it is what's keeping you here with me
And i pray, everyday, so for me, please don't let go
Dont let go....

Tubes tied in knots filled with blood and nutrition
This is definetly a terrible situation

When I looked you in the eyes
and tried not to cry
i made you promise while
you looked deep inside

Dont Let go
Dont let go
I know you wanna give up but please dont let go
You can get through this now the doctor told me so
(don't let go).
So for me, don't let go
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