Ay, Ay, I Testo

Testo Ay, Ay, I

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I try hard to resist youPretend that you're not thereI haven't even kissed youBut don't think that I won't dare'Cause you get to me babyLike no one ever couldWhy don't you come and save meDon't tease me like you doNo no no noAy ay I can't do without youNo,no can't do , I cant do without youAy ay I can't do without youNo matter what they tell meThere's nothin' like true loveBut if there's no happy endingAt least you loved then lostThat's how I feel about youAnd though it may take some timeI love everything about youAnd I've got to make you mineNo no no noAy ay I can't do without youI love you baby, can't you see I want you babyAy ay I can't do without youAnd though you set me up thenTurn me downNo matter what you say or doYour eyes are telling me you want me tooI'm looking right through youAnd what I see is heavenJust waiting there for meBaby this was meant to happenOr I'll never be set freeNo no no noAy ay I can't do without youNo, baby can't doAy ay I can't do without you

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