Can't Forget You Testo

Testo Can't Forget You

There's a part of me that's dying every time I hear your nameThere's a part of me that's trying to bring back your love againThere are times when I just want to run, but there's no place to hideEven though mu heart is breaking in a million bits insideI can make believe that none of this is true(chorus)But I can't forget you, can't break freeI only have myself to blame, nothing feels the same without youCan't you see, we can find tomorrow what we lost yesterdayWhat we lost yesterday(verse 2)There are nights when I lay wide awake thinking of how good it could beOther nights I don't feel worthy of the love you gave to meI remember not too long ago we both were here to stayBut it seems it happened overnight when I threw it all awayI can walk away anf find somebody new (repeat chorus)Hope that I can make you love me once again But I can't forget you(repeat chorus)

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