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Testo Famous

What in this world, feels so alive ~ makes us then breaks us ~ then helps us survive ~ buries our hopes, then revives ~ our desire to succeed ~ we're all greed ~

who in this world, see's when i cry ~ throws me then shows me ~ that i'm justified ~ measure my worth then decide ~ that i'm not what they need ~ they've agreed ~

where in this world can i hide ~ where can i find ~ someone that see's me inside ~ to confide ~

how in this world, can i go on ~ wondering if you'll think ~ of me when i'm gone ~ shielding my eyes from ~ the pity-less light of the glare ~ should you care ~

when in this world is it enough ~ i never thought ~ it could be quite this rough ~ living my life as if ~ millions of people don't stare ~ they're not there ~

why should i have to defend ~ or derive ~ most of the rules of the game, ~ i've defied ~ though it's been hard on my pride ~ it's been one hell of a ride ~ curiously.. ~ i didn't set out to be.. ~ famous
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