Hot Summer Nights Testo

Testo Hot Summer Nights

In the time before the twilightSettles on the worldWoah, you can feel the magicDreamin' of someone to hold tightOne more lonely girlWoah, dances in her atticEverywhere across the landIn front of their mirrors with combs in their handsThey prepare to make a standLover to lover, woman to manLivin' for the ...(chorus)Small town hot summer nightsRadio 'bout to blowTop down under the lightsFeel the heat, wild and sweetHot summer nightsRiding solo in his front seatBursting at the seamsWoah, drivin' by desireHome town hero haunts the main streetDreaming desperate dreamsWoah, where there's smoke there's fireAnd some believe that love is wonAnd some of them go like they're under the gunIn between what's already doneAnd the promise they feel in the evening to comeOut for the...(chorus)In the end two hearts will meetAnd maybe they'll find whatever they seekIf they can, they'll learn how to keepThe faith that they found in the sound of the beatOut for those...(chorus)

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