How Can I Be Sure Testo

Testo How Can I Be Sure

How can I be sureIn a world tha's constantly changingHow can I be sureWhere I stand with youWhenever I...Whenever I'm away from youI wanna die'Cause you know I wanna stay with youHow do I knowMaybe you're trying to use meFlying too high can confuse meTouch me, but don't take me downWhenever I...Whenever I'm away from youMy alibiIs telling poeple I don't care for youMaybe I'm just hanging around with my head upUpside downIt's a pity I can't seem to findSomeone who's as pretty and lovely as youHow can be sureI really, really, really want to knowI really, really, really wnat to knowOh, oh, ohHow's the weatherWhether or not we're togetherTogether we'll see it much betterI love you, I love you foreverYou know where I can be foundHow can I be sureIn a world that's constantly changingHow can I be sureI'll be sure with you

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