I Can't Believe Testo

Testo I Can't Believe

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I would never dream when I go out
That I'd bump into you
Dancin' on the floor
I'd a' bet all my money
There is no doubt
I'm glad I didn't bet cause I'd be broke

Yesterday's gone, long gone
We could go through it
But that won't be right
Let's just move on 'til the morn'
Cause there's magic in this building tonight

I can't believe that it ended up being you and I
I can't believe that this night has just begun
Mi amor, life is really something else, right
Well I believe that now it's time for fun

Celebrate with me
Fiesta baby

Seré yo o será la espera
Warm Miami night, 75, the breeze just blows
Maybe it's the cowbells or the shakers
Or simply just the combo I don't know

Here we go back again with another opportunity

So much has happened right
You look good and I've been fine
Let's put it all aside

Relays are not my type, but
This DJ's got it right
Let's let go and take flight
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