I Got No Love Testo

Testo I Got No Love

I got no love in me
guess who's to blame
It's a crying shame
Well it's all because of you
Don't live a lie it's true
I got no love in me

It's a mystery how I just couldn't see
You dogged me long enough
Left me dry but I'm tough,
I got no love in me.
You ask me who to blame?
Well it's only you.
You ask me who I trust?
Well it's me that's who?
Baby it's true, you hurt me so much.
You're all I ever knew, I knew it when
I looked in your eyes, I should have known
Then I should have realized all of your lies
Baby...Did not amount to love just remember
one thing. What goes around,Comes around
and what you did to me one day I'll make
you see baby


Bet you couldn't tell, bet you didn't know
You're the only man I really loved. Every
single kiss,every time we touched imagined
What you missed? Imagine now baby how's
it gonna be? What you gonna do when you
don't have me? Whatcha gonna do? When
it's not real and how's it gonna feel
deep inside of me baby, I hope you find what
makes you happy, Baby now that you're free.
This is all that's left of me baby


I got no love, I got no love, I got no love,
I got no love deep inside of me I really hope that you're happy.
Baby now that you're free.
I got no love
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