Right Away Testo

Testo Right Away

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Those eyes
Took just one look and all that mattered disappeared
Your smile
It makes me feel like being nowhere else but here
You can't tell me that it doesn't feel right
Doesn't matter if it's only tonight
What I'm feeling for you is so strong
I think I'm gonna fall right into your arms
Right away, right away, don't wanna wait

This time
Not gonna think about what happens in the end
I think it's fine
To let yourself give in and not have to pretend
That I'm not staring at your lips when you speak
The thought of kissing them is making me weak
We can waste a lot of time playing games
Or you can tell me that you're feeling the same
Right away, right away, don't wanna wait
Let's dance all night

Si tú pasas por mi casa
Y tú ves a mi mujer
Tú le dices que hoy no me espere
Me voy pa' pueblo nuevo
Me voy a echar un pie
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