Time Waits Testo

Testo Time Waits

TIme gave me a window to be here
Time made me some space
Allowed me... entry

Blink, children have grown
They're on their own
Years, swift as a day
Before you know
Go blazing away

I'll live like forever is now
Because time waits for no one
And tomorrow just may not come 'round
Because time waits for no one
When we're gone
Only love goes on

Time, its seamless illusion seduced me
Time, to show me the ropes
Enticed me
To waste it

But truth is much better seen
Within our dreams
Life's infinite thread
Then starting again...

(Repeat chorus)

(chants) Time waits for no one it all seems to happen
so fast (Time won't wait, oh no)
No end, no beginning. I'll live like each moment's
the last (Time won't wait, oh no)
Just when it's over the journey has merely begun
(Time won't wait, oh no)
No you, no me, in the end there is only the one
(Time won't wait, oh no)
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