Chewin' Gingers Testo

Testo Chewin' Gingers

Laura Pausini nuda sul palco, incidente hot durante un concerto in Perù
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He's in a dirty line - He wanna do it
Doin' record time - He wanna do it
He's among the swine - And gettin' thru it
Doin' record time

Waitin' up - Chewin' on your fingers
Waitin' up - Need a little stinger
Waitin' up - Givin' it a little more time

What a situation
Loaded with frustration
Gonna be the next in line

Pushin' it - Need a little lubin'
Pushin' it - Get on with your doin
Pushin' it - Recordbreaker on the loose

Gettin to a breakdown
And now I'm lookin like a sad clown
He's a recordbreaker with the blues

Scarica la suoneria di Chewin' Gingers!
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