Rip-off Street Testo

Testo Rip-off Street

Big plate tell me where?s my meatYou ride a car from the passenger seatBig words about a little planA little boy with a card that says manAnd everybody?s goin nowhereRipped off on a rip fof streetTalkin? bout a thing that?s not happenin? hereRipped off to a ripoff beatBig glass but it?s filled up with iceYou order grand then you eat a sliceThey got the sign but they aint got the goodsLike a seven inch record at an LP priceI know you you got your house down on rip-off streetI know you you got them dancin to the rip-off beatI know you you walk around on your rip-off feetI?m tellin you baby I?m gonna give you some - heat

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