Silver Wings Testo

Testo Silver Wings

It's just a jet man rammin' it right home
Gonna ride this motherfucker till I'm gone
I got a mission and I call it speed
Mach 87 baby that's what I need

Some call me pilot, some call me man
You gonna call me mister yeager if you can

In a rocket with some danger in my pocket gotta do it baby can't you see
Coz I'm a sucker for the souped up silverfucker
now I'm pushin it to seven g's

More man more man
More man with a stick in my hand (with a buzz in my gland)
More man more man
More man allright

Down on the ground now them gonna shriek
Coz this proto-fighter-asshole's gonna meet a proto-freak
I'm gonna rip this throttlelever thru the hood
coz these silverwings aint up to nothin good


Allright now GC this is silver wing
And I'm tellin' you I'm gonna do my thing
coz I've had it and I've had it to the max
I'm gonna push it till I see the cracks


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