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Oxygen Testo God Or Julie

Oxygen Testo

Testo Oxygen

Il ritorno di Madonna: Rebel Heart è il nuovo album
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I found a home
alone in a world
that left you out on your own
you're not the same
when you were too tired to grow
it's in the way
i've seen that you never know
your still afraid of running

all by yourself
and as you sit and breathe
you feel the oxygen
sink like a stone

pray that god
will take you out of here
but your still alone
it's too late to bring you out on your own
but if you could see the way
you breathe the oxygen
is all you have

we'll find a way
times in between us
yeah but i'm here to stay
there's still a fate to meet us
your not the same
i felt the earth fall deep
and I'll never change
i just stood without feeling

all by yourself
and as you sink you float away
when your lifes a pawn
the world is gone your mind rolls on

Scarica la suoneria di Oxygen!
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