Money On My Mind Testo

Testo Money On My Mind

(Feat. Yung Joc)

[Bridge] If ya niggas don't kno, I got a 1 track mind
If it aint about money then ya wastin my time
Money money money money money on my mind
If it aint about money then ya wastin my time! [x2]

(Yung Joc): We gettin money ova here
Tell me, What it do pimpin?!
Poppin bottles of that clip tell me
What is you sippin?
Big stacks on deck, tell me
What is you tippin?
Big bricks in the trunk, tell me
What is you flippin?
Got a big booty bitch,
body built for strippin
Got a big body chevy,
beat bangin what grippin
Keep a strap on my lap,
cuz yall niggas be trippin
Taps on my trap
cuz yall niggas keep snitchin

When I look ya in the eye
I can tell you a hoe
Aint smokin shit patnuh
Ill sell you a O
Aint front shit
betta have ma mail hoe
You say you want 16,
I got the whole elbow
07 CL, V12 nigga..
Burnin soft leather
same color as seashell nigga
Moove, Bitch! Ya takin my shine
Moove, Bitch! Ya wastin my time.

[Bridge] x2

Im standin on the corner
Im posted wit the yale
I make big money..
I got clientele
Light brown chevy baby
look like caramel
So if I do a song,
guarantee them gon sell
I stay fresh ta death
From my shoes to ma cap
And I aint talkin bout
a coat when I say jock-strap.
I see ya boys watchin
betta watch T.V.
I hit em in the head wit a bottle like im his B.
So nigga please believe I got a 1-track mind
You play wit ma paper I got 1 black nine.
It gets sad if I have to do ya bad
I aint lyin.
I hit you wit that lap
Oops, theres a flat line.
Nd i wont be scared, nigga I aint even nervous
Merk a nigga after my presence
like the service..
Nigga if you aint bout money wats yo purpose?
Yung JLC in this bitch wit yung dirty ya heard me?

[Bridge x2]

(Joc): I'm G'd up
From ma feet up..
Just read up, ya whole mouth freeze up
Come n please us
Lookin fo a skeezuh
Throw a couple dolla
Big booty dick teasuh
She on the speaker
I'm blowin reefa
Tattoo on the tittie read 'Anita'
But is she wastin my time?
I dont need her
I know some grey cat bitches
Man I get that hoe beat up

I got 2 new thang
kickin bukoo gang
For the 1-track mind like a choo-choo train
Ima real street nigga
my bukoo chain
my S chain can drop shit like a doo-doo stain
Roll rocks in the rain
Rollin block entertain
See the glock is in the club
I'm wit Joc in the range
Fuck wit watch in the chain
Fuck wit rocks in the rain
Bring wallstreet ta allstreet
I get the chain nigga

As you know I got a 1-track mind
If it aint about money then you wastin my time.
Money money money money money on ma mind
If it aint about money, then you wastin my time!

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