Dolphin's Cry (The History Part One) Testo

Testo Dolphin's Cry (The History Part One)

Standing on a lonely shore, beauty does unfold Kissed by the dawning light, the sea is painted gold Never seen alike before, innocent and pure We never see, we just destroy, we run this planet down [Refr.] Living to destroy Looking with closed eyes Getting sad - as I understand I see a dolphin cry Have you heard, birds greet the day, so full of joy they sing Remember the smell of forests, the innocence of spring But we forget and close our eyes, beauty fades away The big machine must run forever, forget the price we pay. Refr. Everybody makes profit, businesses going well We buy, we grab, we hold with greed, but how much do we sell Rich but poor we celebrate, lost the best we've had I realize but can not change it, getting cold and sad

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