God Of Terror Testo

Testo God Of Terror

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Hades son of titans, a lost and fallen king
He has nothing to lose and nothing to glean
The endless war lasted ten years
He was banned with thunder and without fear

At the river Styx he sits at the gate
Waiting for the poor to fulfill their fate
In the unseen realm the dead go upon
Leaving the world behind wher war rages on

The storm is gone
A new day has begun
Run with the light
Safe me with your sacrifice

God of terror - reign of the dead
God of terror - the sky turns to red
God of terror - reign of pain
God of terror - slaves in the bloody rain

Summon the immortal, to hell they ride
Legions of demons at dawn they'll die
As nameless creatures left in misery
Divine revelation is crying out - insanity
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