We're Coming Home Again Testo

Testo We're Coming Home Again

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Here they come marching down the street Like a desperation murmur of an heart beat Coming back from the edge of town Underneath their feet, The time has come and it's going nowhere Nobody ever said that live was fair now Go-Carts and guns are treasures they will bear In the summer heat The world is spinning around and around out of control again From 7-11 to the fear of breaking down So send my love a letterbomb and visit me in hell We're the ones going home We're coming home again I started f***ing running Just as soon as my feet touch the ground We're back in the barrio But to you and me, that's jingletown Home. We're coming home again Nobody likes you-Everyone left you-They're all out without you- HAVIN' FUN!

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