Let Me Take Over Testo

Testo Let Me Take Over

Baby, you and I know
that you've down much too
long and there is no reason
in this world you should be
hangin out messin with the
one who's doing you wrong
so if you believe in me boy
I know I can set you free simply
all you got is do is.

Let me take over, baby, baby, baby
let me take over, just let me take over,
you'd be better off with me baby
let me take over,I know one thing
if there's a will, there's a way
and there's nothing left to say
baby, let me take over.

Darling, I heard you were feeling
just a little bad the other day
and when you called your doctor
on the phone, he even said
you'd be better off if you leave that girl alone
you need to clear up you mind just by
leaving her behind
and just let me take over.
Honey everybody knows
that you're the only one for me
so with no hesitation,just come right here
and I'll be biggest and the best lover, baby
don't have no fear.
Just put your hand in mine
and I'll be faithful all the time
if you let me take over.
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