A Rational Response Testo

Testo A Rational Response

Grand Unified Theory
Rational Response Squad's Newest Member
My name is....Greydon Square
And I'm a always give it to you straight
Check it. Yo Yo.

(Verse 1)
I'm like the Atheist spokesman
That why I come under fire and pressure attacks like Rex Grossman
Yea this game is intense
I been sayin it since agnostics people been playin the fence
They keep sayin its the same in a sense
That evolution requires faith, that universe just came to exist
First of all, microevolution been proven
In the same way that sound waves let you listen to music
And macroevolution is the system of change
At or above the level of the species inflicted with change
That's microevolution on a grand scale we can't even word
because our life span's too short to observe
"But carbon dating is flawed"
"Its half life is 5730 years, and that supports our cause"
Now that'd be great if we used it to date
But since we don't then I'm a question that argument's weight
We use potassium argon to date to date the globe
Not carbon 12 or carbon 14 not none of those
So before you attack Grey go get ya facts straight
Because in the facts race, your God comes into last place

Belief in Gods, we can fix that
Irrational thoughts we get dispatched
It may be hard be we'll get back
In the position to just to end that

(Verse 2)
To battle me you need to reason clearly
Now I'm not sayin fear me
But at least be versed in punctuated equilibrium theory
Grand unified fields, quantum mechanics and dark planets
With logic that's sharper than a blade of d'Artagnan's
To destroy arguments of creationists who cant stand it
Then they try and hit me with the wager
Who? Pascal's wager. Who? Pascal's wager.
Now that's a fool's bet
And against the intelligent it's used less
Really? You bet
This aint nothing new, they use it on kids
But for those who don't know it goes a little like this
Wouldn't you rather believe in God and be wrong
Then to not believe in God and be wrong
If you believe in God and your wrong you've lost nothing
But if you don't believe and you're wrong its all suffering
The problem is you can try it on anything
Switch the Gods around and apply it to anything
The Flyin Spaghetti Monster, Zeus, Amin, Ra
Krishna, Odin, Baal and then Allah
Which one of em's our God?
None of em all false
And blame it on the Atheists its always our fault
Except it never is
So don't get mad at us we just showin ya'll the evidence

Belief in Gods, we can fix that
Irrational thoughts we get dispatched
It may be hard be we'll get back
In the position to just to end that

Grand Unified Theory
Rational Response Squad
I'm a make the fundies hate me
They gon' need a new reason to shut down rap
But they wont shut down rap that degrades women though huh.
They wont shut down rap that talks about sellin crack though huh
Its all good...
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