F.L.A. Testo

Testo F.L.A.

F.L.A. [x5]
Blow triple 0 baby

[Hook: x2]
F.L.A. (South nigga) [x5]

[Verse 1: Grill]
Nigga F.L.A. the best place to stay
Where the woman stay half dressed
And tattoes on they back, and they thighs, and they breast
And every nigga grilled up with bald heads and dreads
The land of the Florida Gators
And trying to live it up in "The Sunshine State"
Got a thousand Tony Montana's from Jacksonville to Miami
And best believe my niggas bout they g's
And home of Disney World but don't think its Mickey Mouse nigga
You be splittin blood from ya mouth
You better watch for that Sanford, Tampa, Miami exit
Nigga fuck up and ride in swamp land
You better roll 'em up and lock the do's
And every corner packed up with thugs
Sitting on some dubs
Nigga still smoking out of Swisha Sweets and Phillies
Whole lot of y'all niggas don't know about that Florida krypit
First hit girl got 'cha like a hippie
And if you ain't from the south don't come down here wit that S on ya chest
Think these niggas country, I hope that S, hope it's a vest
Come on nigga put this muthafucking double barrel to test

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 2: ???]
Nigga doubted us for a long long time
Na the South on the map na this our turn to shine
Y'all wit it, let's get it
Coming down on the South you gone get it, best believe it
Y'all got hoes, we got hoes
Y'all roll dubs, we roll dubs
So what make ya better than us
Talk that shit if you want
Bust yo brain think we won't
For always fucking with us
Muthafuck that shit-- nigga this is where I stay
Muthafuck that shit-- Sarasota, FLA
Muthafuck that shit-- You don't like what we say?
Muthafuck that shit-- Then don't come down our way

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 3: Grill]
I wouldn't stay no where but FLA, home of the Magic
You play wit Orlando boys you going home in plastic
And my city is like a jungle, It's all about survival
Stop around and ask for directions!
Come up out that Lexus, give me yo rolex's
Get out of here boy
Then they got a nigga fighting in the parking lot
You might here shots
And every city got a Gotham City
But FLA got the best beaches
Every spring break college kids come from all over
It's no limit in FLA
Despite all the haters, you got to love our Florida Keys
Miami niggas all about stacking g's
And still no love for the police
In Liberty City, to College Hills, to Mercy Drive, to Compound
Project niggas still run the streets
Respect that South, niggas running the block
And respect the South niggas with a mouth full of golds
I told ya nigga listen to me boy

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 4: Grill]
Can you picture living in FLA
Where them south ballers play gungi sessions all day
Shit greener than the palm trees
Project block packed up with thugs
Coastline niggas cleaning up them dubs
And little homies in the streets saying "Coke Dawg show a nigga luv"
Nigga rock the show for my thugs
And every where I look I see flip-flop paint
Gold sittin on chrome
'Cademy Manor nigga's got bar-b-que's
Probably don't stop till its dark
And niggas on 25th cleaning up the rides
And J niggas coming thru swerving on dubs
Thug niggas shouting out nothing but weed
Telling Coke Dawg nigga I'm showing ya love
And my nigga JD told me nigga keep ya finger on the trigger
Watch for them hating niggas, can't fuck with this nigga
Fat boy and I'm screaming...

[Hook till fade]
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