Loungin Testo

Testo Loungin

Yea, I'm loungin', I got my man Donald ByrdI wanna give a big shout out to my little man, Miko, he's 2 years olde's away visiting his grandmom but I miss him dearlyCheck it outIf I rhyme this, you will find this situation shall advanceYou could take a glance or danceElevator lyrics to arouse the crowdNow tell me who's the man to show you howMany legacies of brothers who get buzyAnd I do it fluid til the suckers get dizzySaying peace to the blackbirds 125th streetAnd check the flow that's uniqueFor loungin', mellow out and just loungin'Loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'Can't refuse this, never lose this, it's the choice this'Cause my voice is the smoothestDominating to your boys 'cause I've been around doing workAnd sold tons of others jerkDonald Byrd word on the track, quite exactGiving you the format, JackSee we gotta pave the way and displayHow to loungin', loungin'Mellow out and just loungin'Loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'Peace to the pioneers but I gotta try to clearMy throat, check out what I wroteYou can't tap into this unless you know the rootsWord shoe like light absoluteFor real so now you gotta know the dealFor loungin', just loungin', mellow out and just loungin'Loungin', loungin' mellow out, check it ou and loungin'Loungin', loungin', mellow out and just loungin'Loungin', loungin', peace to Brooklyn where I liveRealistic, kind of mystic when I kick thisYou should witness the slicknessOf the hornplayer and the dope rhymesayerQuite emotional and inspirationalPhilisophical and yes very logicalTeaching you the method for loungin'Everybody knows they have times when they wanna just lay backkick their feet up, y'knowlisten to some good music and just loungeThat's right, I said lounge

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