Medicine Testo

Testo Medicine

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Guru]Yo, son, pass me the medicine...[Ini Kamoze]Ah...Yes, Ini Kamoze alongside the GuruBaby, I got red eyesWhat? I got red eyesI got red eyes, what?I got red eyesGimme the medicine, I am no leprichanIt's the dealin of the nationI used to understand, but now I overstandI'm freakin herbs, manYes, I am...[Guru]My skills boom through the smoke filled roomFeelin the contact like the Mack, I then consumeAll fools who blunder, so I take them underground, cuz I got the crazy phat soundsI blend it with jazz and mystify the massesHuh, we teach blunt rollin classes[True Master]My dialect reflects hip hop at it's bestafter I fat burn of cess, and yes, I guessthat you could call it habitual(Why?) Cuz every day is a ritual[Ini Kamoze]Hit from a Thai stick, not come from cocoa whipMy knee gonna never skip cuz a man like me don't never slipAs we elevate, my ghetto mindstateCooked like a dove plate, but wait, but waitRed eyes, what? I got red eyesHuh, tell ya whatRed eyes, what? I got red eyesHey[True Master]Determinded energetic, born to suceedIndependently minded (Are you ambitious?) IndeedNew Breed and suckers can't compareTo the Master, the truth got you trapped in the squareYou're restricted, while I'm unlimited, giftedand I'm even iller when I'm liftedStimulated in the dome on the microphoneafter a bone, Guru, why don't ya take em home?[Guru]Yes, I bring heat, so feel the warmth from my free speechBelieve in Ja, the ganjha helps me reachmy creative leaves of enlightenmentand when I'm writin then, you know just who's on the mic againFools on the map kid, you took a nap kidTakin me out is an impossible task kidI spark you up, lock you up, huh, now you goneYou should've paid attention way back when you were warnedYou're too into business, I take gifts of my spliffI change into what an expert will never quiz[Chorus x2: Guru]The medicine, the medicine, the medicineLah will bring us back againThe medicine, the medicine, the medicineJa is comin back again[Ini Kamoze]Now I'm comin up, so don't be runnin upon my crew, big up, Guru pass the cupRed eyes, what? I got red eyesPass the medicine, I am no leprichanIt's the dealin of the nationI used to understand, but now I overstandI'm freakin herbs, manYes, I am...Red eyes, I got red eyesWhat? I got red eyesRed-red-red-red eyesWhat?

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