Respect The Architect Testo

Testo Respect The Architect

(feat. Bahamadia)

[cut x3: BizMarkie] "So respect the architect"
"So respect the architect, as I begin to build"

I'm mystical, don't be deceived by the visual
Visible preference is pure, patent it back to metaphors
Greetin em Illa-del-style wild
Analyze my memoirs, runnin on 8/4, poetic, me-ter
soarin way beyond
iambic pentameter, or juvenile flam
Unsyncopated soul piercin earlobes and egos
my vocals read these thoughts - am I hardcore?
To the grain

Lame game plain Jane MC's can't approach these
I shake chumps like fleas, I hold the keys
to drive you, guide you, provide you
with the real joints, ahem I clear my throat of phlegm
The architect, selecting the blueprints
to rid the game of nuisance
Sucker reducin with the fusion
Rhymes solid like cement in my musical solution
Stackin concrete flows, look out below

[cut x2: BizMarkie] "So respect the architect"
[cut x3: BizMarkie] "So respect the architect... as I begin to build"

Floor to ceiling, constantly building
with power to construct, towers of rap CREAM kid, what?
Dreamin you're lyrical physical mystical?
Your concept's mediocre plus your way too typical withcha
corny delivery and crazy wack voice
Mad corny image, that's why I give you jitters
It figures, I'd have to dust you off the scene
like a wiseguy, with my New York lean

Lines that I supply fortify the nuclei of mindstate
from state to state, universal, be the orals that I create
Top notch and on lock like Sentry, opponents could never tempt me
Samplin my style like an Akai S-950 and still can't get with me
while I spread this verbal plague like bubonic
Conductin phonics like the Philharmonics
I make in measured melody, kids praise me like the crucifix
So place Bahamad', amongst your top ten of emcees

[cut x3: BizMarkie] "So respect the architect"
"So respect the architect... as I begin to build"

Yeah, neverending, knahmsayin? Always buildin
My homegirl Bahamadia in the hidouse, yeah yeah
And of course, my man the legend
Ramsey Lewis
So respect the architect, knahmsayin? One love
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