Step in the Arena 2 (Im Sayin') Testo

Testo Step in the Arena 2 (Im Sayin')

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(feat. Doo Wop)

[Police sirens]

[Doo Wop]
Once you step in the arena, cheater
YOu gon' see what the fuck I said Listen up, I said
A whole lot of things on the minds of most of my mens
But they shy, so may I
Say things that currently, common thugs wondering
Like If I made a hot beat, could I fuck Lil' Kim
Why did Ron Artest flip on the fans
But ain't do shit to Ben Wallace, knowledge
Do the one son, who is son
Ay yo Guru Peace Wop stop playing
There's a certain sucker, imposter, rocking your name
It's kind of lame, it's kind of strange
When they know GangStarr, go back far
Rap's throwback, splat, hold that dawg
Engineer that ass back to ass-cap dawg
So you could fine-tune your membership card

Why don't you step in the arena, cheater
You gon' see what the fuck I said listen up I said
Got a whole lot of things on my mind I want to spit, I ain't shy
*I said*, so may I *I said*
Does this idiot here, have any fucking idea
How many mics I've touched in my illustrious career
Got mass appeal, to get a rep, I grab the steel
Code of the street, and not they have to kneel
Before the bling era, NYC had it locked
Have we forgot I said, I'll blow your spot I said
I'm from the days of when Big and Pac used to be tight
Known to get loose with a mic, I'm used to the fight
Listen, I ain't your average meat-rapper
I'm well acquanted with beats
So of course we keep clappers
Forget the politics and who's supposed to be nice
I represent what a MC's supposed to be like

[Doo Wop]
Hennessy was a popular drink and it still is
My name is Wop, considered one of the illest
Mixtape inovador, spit plus kill a fader
Never did a bid, but the kid know how to spit a razor
Born in east LA, but the Bronx raised me up
What you want I said I said
We could get it crunk, cracking or popping
This is Wop, and what, the hole locked

I could see clearly now, the rain is gone
Solar supplying tracks we getting famous on
Bodies got laid out once the bangers rung
But they still want to play, knowing the game is done
One over, we bring the slaughter like fluff waters
Boy it's deadly I said You not ready I said
I put in work like a factory
Have you losing your faculties
You heard me I said you not worthy
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