Where's My Ladies? Testo

Testo Where's My Ladies?

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(feat. Big Shug)

[spanish skit precedes song]

Whassup sweetheart? Of course you're always lookin the part
Plus I love to see your body sihlouette in the dark
Hold me down ma, stick around ma
Cause I always got your back f'real, so how that sound ma?
It's strictly plush, wanna ride in the six with us
Get with us, kick it on some fly shit with us
I've travelled across the world
And I've unravelled the thoughts, of many pretty girls
I be the one they wanna talk to
My conversation so stimulatin, they wanna sparkle
And I could never approach you with the same old game
I know you don't wanna hook up, with the same old lame
You know my voice, you know my name
From, Brooklyn to Spain, always tight when I'm hookin a dame
I like brains and beauty, your total package may move me
If you choose me then it's only my duty

[Chorus: Big Shug]
To all my ladies, to all my mamies
To all my sugars, I said where you at?
To all my sugars, to all my sweeties
To all my honies, I said where you at?

[Big Shug]
Hey mami, let's swing an episode
You upon your back or your toes, near your earlobes
Now your middle exposin ecstasy
I'm just happier the fact that you layin here next to me
Let's take a trip on the low to Acapulco
to see the pretty women with the sexy toes
I got a fetish for your toes girl, plus behind closed doors
you're hot and sexy, like a showgirl
I heard you stretch that body like plastic
Bring it on baby, let me peep the ass(?)tastics
No need to sweat you, already been chosen
I could be no harder if my whole body was frozen
I'ma rub you down with body butter
If you feelin that scratch your name in my back
I'ma do what Shug, got to do, and I
promise you that I cum, way after you, after you


[Chorus: w/ Shug speaking]

Get your dough right..
Get your flows tight..
Get your toes tight..
Aight? Heheh
Get your dough right..
Get your flows tight..
Get your toes tight..

[more of Spanish skit continues]
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