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Testo Keepin' Mu Composure

Max Pezzali: nuovo album e tour in arrivo
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Oh my little baby I'm so tired of these lies and I'm ready my little sugar to give you all my time if you let me do so darlin' I will pave our way you will see a bright new joy on a brand new day

a little cold hard pressure we'll make a better way girl I'll make you so very happy take you to extacy I'll give you all my money, time and everythang girl I'll make sure your satisfied be here by your sid cause I love my baby yeah

[Chrous: repeat keepin' my composure x8]

I'm so happy with a smile that we got together and we made it through babe through the stormy weather I know we can do it no mattter what they say baby cause I knew me and you really wanna do repeat Hook
[Chorus Fades]

Scarica la suoneria di Keepin' Mu Composure!
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