Satisfaction (Love Don't Come Easy) Testo

Testo Satisfaction (Love Don't Come Easy)

Love, no love don't
Love don't come easy

What does it take
To make a good boy a man?
What does it take
To make the world understand?

Some people need it
Some people don't
But it you feel it
You'll know it's what it's worth
You try your life.
Tell me, have you seen it
Day or night, wrong or right
You got to have meaning

Love, no, love don't
Love don't come easy
Keep it on

Give a man food to eat
And give him wine.
And day, any time
ex is fine

Why, why ypu can't deny
People want to love, but they just can't stop
Help me, help me
I'm gonna take you to the top, Baby.
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