Big, Blonde And Beautiful (Reprise) Testo

Testo Big, Blonde And Beautiful (Reprise)

VELMA Those lips, those eyes EDNA That food, well, there ain? nothing like a spread To get ya in the mood VELMA Wilbur, can?t you feel the burning flame of hot desire You?re gonna need more than some seltzer To put out this fire EDNA I?m wailing, ?look out old Baltimore? VELMA I?m selling something you can?t purchase At a ten cent store EDNA Oh Wilbur, I feel like a princess Come on take me to the ball VELMA I bet you?re tired of heavy lifting Get your hands on something small EDNA Because I?m a big VELMA Blonde BOTH And beautiful It?s time to face the facts it?s irrefutable VELMA Why waste one more minute EDNA Now I feel brand sparkin? free! BOTH Hey Wilbur, take a look, it?s all for? VELMA You!? EDNA You?

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