The Age Of Betrayal Testo

Testo The Age Of Betrayal

[Music: Jon: Lyrics Jon & Steve]

When the dreams turn to dust
They turn to ashes in your mouth
See the wave approaching
Their intentions suck you down

In the blink of an eye
We fought for so long
It's a role reversal
It will bring us down ‒ but no out

This is the age of betrayal ‒ you want us down on our hands and knees
This is the age of betrayal ‒ a Judas kiss and silver in your fist
This is the age of betrayal ‒ gleaming in your eyes, the ability to lie
This is the age of betrayal

When the steel turns to rust
When the walls are tumbling down
Like the towers falling
You see them crumble down

[Pre-Chorus, Chorus]

Clouds on a pale grey sky
A tapestry woven with compromise
Delusions tied to a scheme
Lies they sell are not the dream
Spoon-fed answers, no questions
Choking down that bitter pill
Reaping the winds of destruction
You exercised, exercised your will
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