A Pathetic Attempt At An Apathetic Approach Testo

Testo A Pathetic Attempt At An Apathetic Approach

I didn't fall asleep last night.
I couldn't wake up from my daydream.
I just can't seem to get it right.
God only knows when I'll be set free.
Most times I find I feel fine but my mind wonders
and I can't see the bigger picture.
And I'll take each day with the faith
that I'll stay calmer as the riptide pulls me under
because I've been feeling so distant.
I've been feeling so far away
and I can't breath with this constant weight on me every day.
And it all keeps piling up right there in front of me.
And nothing that I do is enough.
I just need some room to breathe.
I can wait for someone to save,
but how long would I have to wait?
I didn't expect this to be easy,
but it gets more difficult each
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