Cry Tonight Testo

Testo Cry Tonight

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
You could never understand
Just how scared I am
I've lived and loved and lost a thousand times
Is this a second chance
Just to make it past all this energy?

I don't wanna cry tonight
Don't wanna hang my heart on my sleeve
But you're everything my soul could ever need
Don't wanna cry tonight

It's just a little faith
Gets us further in this race
We all know trust don't come too easily
Is this just romance
Or will we take a chance on something beautiful

I don't wanna cry tonight
Don't wanna know my heart's broke in two
'Cause all I ever need right here is you
I don't wanna cry tonight
Don't say it's hard enough to be myself
'Cause all I ever need is you All I need is you...
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