Dancing With Ms. Hollis Testo

Testo Dancing With Ms. Hollis

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'll put my foot out, breath in, try not to look down at all
With every step I find another excuse to...

Fall back to, back when we were kids
I grew up slow and found myself in the things I missed
I turned around and walked into
A place that's nothing to do with you

Can I say that you got this off your chest into my head?
No, but I can say that,
I'm throwing up the things you never should have said...my God.

I fall back to the way this used to be
I never thought the simple life would be the only thing I'd need
We fall back, because this is how this has to be
I never thought the ties we've made would be the things that set us free

Hold your breath, hold your breath, let it out slow

These days mark the price I have to pay
With every minute there's a problem that needs to change
But I stay the same, I stay the same, I stay the same
I can feel this,
An angel from the passed has pulled me in
I can feel this,
It's nothing but a mindset, it's just a way of giving in

This is simple and I am happy here
I found a place, a place that's crystal clear to me
It's so clear to me
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