Tendor Brandon Is Something Terrible Testo

Testo Tendor Brandon Is Something Terrible

I caught something and caught it quick
It rushed over me like a breeze that's startled by a jealous wind
But I wasn't worried about the who, what, why, when, where
I was feeling sick
Sick of hearing you say this world is dark and I'm a dream
But how can you be sure your truth can set me free?

Say you love it
Say you hate it
Say you'd rather let go
Of the peace you keep inside
It's your pride that you can't hide

I have found a better man will take his pills while alone
If you need people here to see you
It's just attention, not an issue

Say that only light can make me pure
Are you sure?

Have let the shadows lead me to a cure
I am sure

Pack your words up, put your feelings to bed
You're out of line you got yourself here again
And you...you say I'm through
But c'mon son you're just as fucked as me too

I'm not what you are, I'm not what you are
I cross anger with a passive sense of charm
I'm not what you are, I'm not what you are
You have never faced your thoughts in fear of harm
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