Monstrosity Testo

Testo Monstrosity

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
In the graveyard
a full moon light pervades the sky
thusly waking a demonous beast
six feet under encased
to arise from its transient slumber
with senses transcendent
as the smell of human flesh
engulfs its nostrils
an irrepressible fervor within
draws the beast to attack
expeditious pursuance initiates
with a sheer look of horror
this man is frozen solid
his skin pale with white
prognosticating death

the beasts serrated claws
slash into human flesh
tearing him limb from limb
with ease
left at its wretched hinds
a mound of mangled man
a ghastly picture
of what is yet to come
feeling the power of its first kill
its thirst only increases now to extremes
an insatiable hunger
as every mortal it will devour
shall only fuel its strength
onward to murderous conquest
traverse the scented trail
with great haste
through the severely thickened wood
an unsuspecting settlement
of heedless villagers await
a most untimely slaughter
logs of the bonfire
it throws to torch huts
extracting its victims
in an utter flurry of chaos
to lure them out to their death
the thunderous howling
of this beast and dying men
echos in villages afar
unnerving terror resurrect
from temporary slumber
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