Feeling This Is Like To Fall Awake Testo

Testo Feeling This Is Like To Fall Awake

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Can these be my hands?
Why wont they follow my commands?
Someone took my breath from me
I can't see and I can't speak
I had a dream you were a snake
(I guess this proves I knew you then)
I had a dream where I was falling down
Until I landed under you

Go to hell and leave me
With the keys to your car
Delia will drive me through the rain

And it's just like you
To pick the perfect time
When I'm already down and there
To kick a couple times
You twist everything I said
And everything I did
And everything I thought was mine
I feel like such a fool
For having turned to you
I didn't know that you could
Ever want to be so cruel
And if there is a God
And if God is fair
I know you will suffer

Feeling this is like to fall awake
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