Present Tense Testo

Testo Present Tense

And she was always so defensive
Like nothing was ever her fault
Or her responsibility

And this is all i have left to hold
A delicate balance has been exposed
And now it towers around us all
Just goes to show life is so fragile

She used to smile when she'd say
"it's all so meaningless, anyway
So just forget, forget it"
And she was always so morose
Like this was all some bitter joke
But no one was laughing

And now when we speak about her
We never use the present tense
I guess that's what happens

It was safer when you were near:

Don't worry, it's not your fault
I know, i saw it happen
Don't worry, don't take the blame
I would have done the same thing

Don't listen to what it says
Your mind is out to get you
And anyone would do the same
If they had to walk round in your shoes

No matter what they do
No matter what they say
Don't let them bring you down
You can't control what other people think
How could you let them bring you down
How could you know that things could
End this way
Don't you let them bring you down
Don't worry, it's not your fault

Anything could happen- and it will
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